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Best selling tattoo needles

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When it comes to getting a tattoo, the quality of the needle is just as important as the skill of the artist. The right needle can make all the difference in achieving a flawless, long-lasting tattoo. But with so many options available, which tattoo needles sell the best? Let's explore the top choices that every professional tattoo artist should consider.

1. Round Liner Needles

Round liner needles are the go-to choice for creating clean and precise lines. These needles range from a single needle up to 45 round configuration, which allows for fine details and intricate designs all the way up to big bold lines. With their sharp and precise tips, round liner needles are perfect for outlining and creating intricate linework to putting down solid thick lines.

2. Magnum Shader Needles

Magnum shader needles are ideal for shading and filling in large areas. These needles have multiple needles arranged in a flat or curved configuration, allowing for smooth and consistent shading. Magnum shader needles are great for achieving smooth gradients and solid color fills.

3. Flat Shader Needles

Flat shader needles are another popular choice for shading and filling in large areas. These needles have a flat configuration, which allows for better ink saturation and faster coverage. Flat shader needles are perfect for achieving bold and solid color fills.

4. Round Shader Needles

Round shader needles are versatile needles that can be used for both lining and shading. These needles have multiple needles arranged in a circular configuration, allowing for a wide range of techniques. Round shader needles are great for creating smooth gradients and soft shading.

5. Curved Magnum Needles

Curved magnum needles are designed for shading and filling larger areas of the body while providing a soft edge. These needles have multiple needles arranged in a curved configuration, allowing for better ink saturation and smoother shading and preventing that hard edge that comes with straight mags. Curved magnum needles are perfect for achieving seamless shading on areas like the arms and legs.

6. Bugpin Needles

Bugpin needles are known for their ultra-fine and precise tips. These needles have a smaller diameter than standard needles, allowing for finer details and smoother lines. Bugpin needles are perfect for creating intricate designs and realistic portraits.

7. Dome Round Shader Needles

Dome round shader needles are the newest addition to the tattoo world. This unique configuration allows tattoo artist's the ability to fill in large areas while creating subtle and soft edges unlike the traditional round shaders.

Remember, the best tattoo needles are not only about the brand or popularity, but also about finding the right needle for your specific style and technique. Experiment with different needles, consult with other artists, and always prioritize the quality and safety of your work. Happy tattooing!

2 commentaires

Ink Therapy
Ink Therapy

I have not used the dome round shaders yet but the concept is interesting and I would like to try them for some soft shading. Tattoo needles have changed a lot since I made my own back in the day.


I only use Hex and kwadron those are my go to for shading but I sometimes use cheyenne for the liner needles

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