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Electrum Eco Stencil Printer Ink (4 Ounce)

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Oops, we did it again! We've gone and made printed stencils even better, with an advanced formulation and a much better price point!

Now you can print highly precise stencils directly from a desktop printer using your photo reference, without the need to hand stencil your design.  Just print, transfer, and tattoo!

This is for ONE 4 ounce bottle of Electrum ECO STENCIL ink.  You will need TWO bottles to completely fill all four reservoirs on an Epson Eco Tank printer.
We recommend using PACON TRACING PAPER to print your stencils.
Electrum continues to SET the bar for tattoo stencil application products.

PLEASE NOTE: Needle Supply or Electrum will not be liable if the ink does not work on your inkjet printer for any reason. All sales are final, no returns on this Stencil Printer Ink.


It's easy as 1, 2, 3

1) Buy the ink from us or one of our authorized distributors.

2) Buy a NEW Epson Eco Tank Printer.  We recommend the Epson ET-2650, however there are several models to choose from.

3) Fill the tanks and start printing highly detailed stencils!


Is this compatible with ALL printers?

No. This ink is compatible with any Epson Eco Tank printer.  We recommend the Epson: ET-2750, ET-2700, ET-2650, or ET-2600.

How do I fill the printer with the ink?

First of all, always wear gloves! This is a methyl violet based ink and it WILL STAIN! Remove the cap from the new ECO Stencil bottle, then remove the inner seal.  Replace cap with dispensing cap that is included.  Open all 4 reservoirs on the printer.  DO NOT HAVE THE PRINTER ON DURING THIS PROCESS! Fill each tank with one ounce of ink, then recap the ink reservoirs.  Two bottles are required to completely fill all 4 reservoirs.  After the reservoirs are filled and recapped, follow the setup instructions included with the printer to complete the set up process.

How many stencils should I expect from a bottle of Eco Stencil ink?

The exact number of stencils depends of course on size and complexity of the stencil being printed, however you should expect to get around 3,000 stencils per 4 ounce bottle.

What type of paper do I print the stencils onto?

Any paper will technically work, however it is important to note that regular cotton papers, such as printer paper, will absorb more ink and transfer a lighter design to the skin.  Through testing we have found tracing paper to work best or a lightweight parchment paper. We have found this to be the most suitable paper and have gotten the best results from this particular paper.

Do I need to make any adjustments to my photo prior to printing?

This prints just like a regular printer would, so you may need to adjust contrast, light, size, etc. to get an optimal print.  You can also go back and forth between black only and color printing options to see which gives you the best results.  Please note that when choosing to print black only, the ink will only be utilized in the respective tank.

How long will an ECO STENCIL stencil last?

As long as you prep the skin properly to remove surface oils, you can expect the stencil to last hours.  As with all stencils there are key things you can do to increase stencil longevity. Avoid using green soap in your wash bottles as this contains alcohol.  Alcohol is a stencils worst enemy!

Which stencil products will work for transfer?

Any stencil product will work, and we always tell people to use what they like and are comfortable with, however we recommend using our Electrum Gold Standard Stencil Primer.  Remember, a little goes a long way. Do not over saturate the skin with the transfer gel or you will experience stencil bleed.

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Electrum Eco Stencil Printer Ink (4 Ounce)

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