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HEXTRAYS40 Disposable Tattoo Trays (Box of 10)

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***NEW DESIGN!*** HEXTAT Hextrays combine rinse cups, ink caps and cartridge cradles all in one! Our trays make your setup and breakdown much easier and cleaner. Available in 10 or 40 configurations.

Cartridge Cradles: Cradles promote safety, organization and provides option to keep needles wet with built in easy-fill reservoir. Place tips in reservoir and add liquid to keep needles wet or place tips up for easy swapping. Compatible with all brands.

Rinse Cups: Two rinse cups to accommodate the average tattoo. One for lights and one for darks.

Ink Caps: 18mm ink caps with raised spill guards prevent unwanted color mixing during accidental over filling.

Flange: Provides added stability as well as anchor points. Just add ointment or tape to adhere to surface.



  • Brand: HEXTAT
  • PET Medical Grade Plastic
  • Contains 10 Trays Per Box
    tattoo ink


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