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Kwadron Equaliser Drop Pen

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Color – Black

DROP PEN is another tattoo machine created by Equalizer, this time in a strong and uncompromising version. DROP is a small machine that does not reveal the power that lies inside it.

The housing is very compact, ergonomic and fits perfectly in your hand, thanks to the fact that DROP is very short (only 9cm) and its width is 35mm. These dimensions are not accidental - thanks to them the machine has been perfectly balanced and therefore with a weight of 180g we do not feel any load even during long, many hours of work.

The heart of the razor is a 6W engine proven by Equalizer that guarantees strong and hard beating, and yet it works great in any tattooing style and for any type of work: fillings, shadows, lines.

As with all Equalizer PEN tattoo machines, DROP is compatible with all types of cartridges.


  • Power: 6W
  • Stroke: 3.5mm
  • Adjustable extension (click system): 0-5mm
  • RCA socket hidden in the housing
  • Dimensions: only 9cm long!, 35mm wide
  • Weight: 180g
    Kwadron Equaliser Drop Pen
    Kwadron Equaliser Drop Pen
    Kwadron Equaliser Drop Pen


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