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Tattoo Armour Aftercare Pads

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Use Tattoo Armour as part of your aftercare process for beautifully-healed tattoos. The pattern on the pads are specifically-designed to hold its form and not tear during your daily activities, while still letting the tattoo breathe and reducing scabbing. Fast and easy to apply, Tattoo Armour pads will also shield your fresh tattoo against bacteria, germs, UV light, and dirt. Each pack of Tattoo Armour contains 10 pads, which is enough to last the duration of the tattoo healing process. Available in two pad sizes: Medium and Large.

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  • 10 pads per pack
  • Easy and safe healing
  • Reduces scabbing
  • Optimized absorbency and thickness
  • Developed together with professional tattoo artists and medical experts
    Tattoo Armour Aftercare Pads
    Tattoo Armour Aftercare Pads
    Tattoo Armour Aftercare Pads


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